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Become an MKBM Member now and get access to the MKBM App, our involved community, the Faya work-out videos and receive the  MKBM Membercard !

Every month there are new videos in the MKBM App online with which you can carry out many Killerbody workouts. Every month, Faya focuses on a different muscle group. These are built up with different phases. The workouts are suitable for the gym, but also for home.

In addition to the videos, there is also the MKBM community. Here you can go for questions and make contact with Faya and the other MKBM Members. In addition, informative documents and blogs are also shared in the community.

To top it off you, as an MKBM Member, receive our  MKBM Membercard . Why? Because working on a Killerbody did not happen in a month and we think you can treat yourself to a beauty treatment, new sports equipment or a nice sports outfit.

1. Connect with Facebook

2. Register as an SME member

3. Enjoy your membership

You get an  MKBM Membercard  with discounts and vouchers worth € 100, -.
View all training videos from Faya and use the MKBM App!

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