Burning fat and ‘dry training’

Losing weight in the right way means retaining muscle mass but burning fat. This happens because of a negative energy balance: you use more energy than you get out of food.

But keep your muscles in mind. If you diet and not train your muscles, it’s called dry training. In this case, you lose muscle when losing weight. This can be prevented by regularly doing strength training or power-oriented gymnastics. It is also important to get enough proteins; since these are needed to build up muscles.

Combine endurance training with strength training
Research shows that cardio training of more than one hour is effective to burn fat. This means moving intensively for at least an hour. Furthermore, research shows that people can lose on and a half kilograms of fat in eight weeks by means of weekly cardio sessions.

Nevertheless, the combination of strength and endurance training is the golden formula to lose weight. When you have enough muscle mass, your muscles keep your metabolism level, which makes it easier to lose weight or maintain your weight. Scientific research shows that subjects who do both cardio and power training lose the most weight. This effect won’t always be felt in the beginning, because new muscles also add weight. It may seem like you are losing less weight, but your body weight will consist of less fat and more muscle mass.

Watch your diet
Researchers indicate that strength and endurance training accelerate fat burning and also provide a number of important health benefits (better endurance and a better functioning cardiovascular system). When you combine this with calorie restriction, you can several kilograms in a few weeks. It’s advisable to check which type of diet will work for your body: you do this by making a nutritional schedule. Remember that effectively losing weight can never go really quickly, but that it is a long-term process. Therefore, always seek advice from a professional, like a GP, dietician or personal trainer.

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