What does creatine do?

Simply put, Creatine works as a kind of “battery” for the body. When someone has more creatine in their body, they can prolong the first energy phase, during which the initial explosion of power takes place. It helps with sports that involve strength training in the gym, but sprinters can also benefit from it.

The body uses the substance ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the first energy phase. The body converts the ATP into energy, ADP (Adenosine Di Phosphate) and phosphate (phosphate).

In the first energy phase creatine ensures that more ATP is available. Creatine binds to the phosphate. The creatine phosphate can “recharge” the ADP to ATP.

When someone can add just a few repetitions to their strength training exercises, using the same weight, then there is progress. When a sprinter’s first energy phase is extended, they are able to perform at maximum speed for a longer period of time.

Sports that require a lot in the first energy phase benefit from this.

In practice, someone can add a few repetitions with the same weight, or sprint that little bit longer at maximum speed.

Because of these benefits to the sports in which it is considered desirable, progress will be made as a result. Think of muscle strength and muscle mass that really make a difference in explosive sports.

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