Twin Slim # 1 & # 2  is a product that consists of two separate supplements with the aim to help you lose weight.

Everyone knows the so-called “fat-burner” ads that promise miracles with highly unlikely “before & after” photos. Let me immediately make it clear: there is no supplement that allows fat to be burned like snow melting in the sun. Purely from a scientific point of view, there are only a few food ingredients that support evidence for fat burning. These ingredients can be found in Twin Slim # 1 & # 2.

Twin Slim # 1

One way to ensure that you do not eat too much is to increase your feeling of satiety. An interesting ingredient in this regard is Caralluma fimbriata. In India, hunters used to use the leaves of this plant when they traveled through the jungle. They chewed on the leaves to stop the hunger when they had run out of food and somehow it gave energy. The reduced appetite has also been confirmed in human studies. If you give people a gram of Caralluma fimbriata extract per day, they will eat nearly 200 kcal less per day (

Another interesting ingredient is Irvingia gabonensis. Taking 300 mg Irvingia gabonensis extract per day has proven to result in  4 kg per month in weightloss among obese people (Lipids Health Dis 2009 2 March, 8: 7). This is an extreme example, but other studies involving people with less drastic results, have also shown that irvingia gabonensis can be a highly effective way to lose weight.

Twin Slim # 2

Ingredients that stimulate fat burning: cafein and *catechins (* e.g. in green tea). Several studies have shown that a mix of these two stimulate daily energy consumption and fat burning. These ingredients, together with a number of other ingredients, form part of what is known as Twin Slim # 2. Because Twin Slim # 2 gives an invigorating effect it has become a separate supplement that can be used just before and after training, and after a certain time of day without negative effects in terms of sleep. (Twin Slim # 1 can be used later in the day without this effect).

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