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How to calculate 1RM (one rep maximum)?

1RM stands for the one rep maximum: the maximum weight you can lift in a specific exercise with one rep (if done correctly). This weight can not be measured accurately and is estimated by the 1RM strength test. The starting point is that you choose a weight for a particular exercise and get the most out of it. The maximum is meant to make as many repetitions as possible until you can’t continue. The numbers below will allow you to calculate what your 1RM is. It explains how to calculate this and how to proceed with this in your training.

Repetitions% off your 1 RM
24-3055% of

A repetition only counts if the exerice is executed correctly. If you repeat the exercise again and do not execute it like it’s supposed to, you can not count it as a rep. 


Fajah does 40 KG on the Lat Machine and after 10 repetitions she can not get the rod down. Based on this, she can calculate her 1RM for the Lat Machine. The 1RM is different for machines and exercises with free weights. 10 repetitions represent 75% 1RM (see table). This means: 75% of your 1 RM is 40 kilograms. 100% of your 1 RM is then: 40/75 * 100.

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